About Us

GB Excavating is a small sized excavating company. Owned and operated previously by Steve Greer and family for 20 years creating a great name and client base for the company. With change in ownership in early 2022, GB Excavating is now owned and operated by Michael Stevens and family.

With many services the company provides, we can ensure we have the experience, manpower and equipment to cover all of your excavating projects.

Meet the Team!

Get to know some of the team members that help run GB Excavating.

Michael Stevens

Michael is the owner and operator of GB Excavating. He has always had a passion for running machinery since he was young boy. Michael has been operating heavy equipment for 6 years and is excited to continue building his business and experience.

Martina Stevens

Martina is the current office administrator for GB Excavating. While dealing with all your administrative needs with the company, Martina is busy with GB's future operators, Bryan and John Stevens

Steve Greer

Steve was the previous owner of GB Excavating. Steve owned and ran GB Excavating for 20 years, building a great name to the company and finding amazing clients to work for. Steve is currently is one of our trusted operators and a great mentor to learn from.